SAVE $600 on this amazing treatment package!

Last month Boheme Skin + Beauty had a Christmas Extravaganza Open Day and some really great specials and value packages on skin care and treatments!


Ahh the serenity of a great facial!

One of the most popular ones on the day was a 12 week “boot camp” style package: ENVIRON TRIPLE THREAT: a 12 week program!

Valued at $1598, for ONLY $998! Saving you $600!! 

Clients have been giving rave reviews on how their skin is feeling and looking already, so I thought it was a great opportunity to make this package available to more of our clients, to get great skin! Available for purchase until the 11th of February 2017.

Here’s what’s involved: 

– Before and after photos to track your skin changes and progress
– Home Care products valued at $431
– Home Care Dermal Roller to use between in-salon treatments
– Your own personal Skin Coach to help guide you towards GREAT SKIN!
– 6 x Fortnightly Triple Threat Treatments:
     – Steam Cleanse
     – Pro Peel or Mini Peel
     – Boheme Signature neck and shoulder massage
     – Cosmetic Dermal Rolling, for product infusion enhancement
     – Intensive Focus Infusion with Sonophoresis
     – Field Infusion with a cooling mask and Iontophoresis
     – Eye Gel, Moisturiser, SPF, Mineral Makeup
     – Check out this info sheet here and short video here on Environ’s DFII infusion technology!
This package is perfect for:
– Increasing all-round luminosity and glow!
– An anti-ageing booster for fine lines and wrinkles
– Dull, sallow and sluggish skin
– Congestion, blackheads and pimples
– Getting back on track and looking after your skin with the best in professional treatments and products!
*Please note: this amazing package is only available to an extra 12 people, so get in touch now to secure yours or CLICK HERE to pre-pay yours online and we will get in touch to begin this amazing journey with you! 
** not available with any other discount vouchers or promotions.
Happy New Year to you!
We hope to see you at Boheme soon,
Best wishes from Kim and The Team
Boheme City: 07 47245900
Boheme Kirwan: 07 47734402

NEW FACIAL: Get your “Outer-Glow”!

With the cooler weather coming in, our clients are asking us to help thdownloadem get their glow back! I’ve created a 100% customised facial that will suit most skin types and suits both beginners and advanced skin care clients.

For maximum long term results, see the package option at the bottom of this email!

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Kim x

The Outer-Glow facial! $139

>> click here to book online now<<

This facial will:

  • Smooth and decongest
  • Help to control oil flow and “de-grease” oily skin
  • Nourish deeply with customised boosters
  • Boost hydration and moisture
  • Boost collagen production for anti-ageing benefits

This facial does not suit:

  • Pregnant clients (due to the technology used)
  • Epileptic clients
  • Skin with open wounds or lesions
  • Clients suffering from herpes/coldsores

Treatment Includes:

  • Skin analysis and consultation; to customise your treatment for best results
  • Deep steam clay cleansing
  • Tone
  • Customised professional exfoliation
  • Neck and shoulder massage
  • Infusion of a customised booster blend: Vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants and peptides
  • DFII focus infusion using sonophoresis and iontophoresis
  • Eye gel, moisture protection
  • Your personal skin care program recommendations
  • 5 minute application of Mineral Makeup (optional)

INTENSIFY your treatment experience and results:

+  Rejuvalight LED light therapy and a foot mask and massage $60 : to calm and soothe a sensitive skin, and boost collagen production, giving your skin a wonderful glow. (Kirwan only)

+  Vitamin C Intense peel upgrade $25 : Perfect for optimising anti-ageing, collagen boosting, smoothing and evening out pigmentation.

+  Skin Remodelling Treatment- $75 : This will work deep within the structure of your skin to lift and contour your facial muscles. (City only)

+  De-stress with an extended full back, neck and shoulder massage for 30minutes $60 : we use essential oil blends and firm relaxation techniques to soothe and smooth out your tension.

The Outer-Glow 12 week Boot-Camp- Only 8 available!

– Reveal skin analysis before/after photos

– Six fortnightly treatments

– Your “Outer-Glow” home support skin care: Valued at $449

   Boot camp valued at $1283,  for only $998! 

    CLICK HERE to purchase your boot camp now!

Call your favourite Boheme Skin + Beauty location today to book this great treatment!

Boheme City: 4724 5900       Boheme Kirwan: 4773 4402

This is not your Grandmothers Skin Care!

Skin care has changed. It’s changed SO MUCH even in the last couple of decades. Skin therapists have had to up their game– in a massive way! It’s no longer about a simple cleanse, tone, moisturise; like grandma used to do.

kims school ID picture

Hello, 17 year old me! Oh those skinny 90’s brows…

Back in the mid 90’s, when I was a fresh young beauty therapist straight out of college, I thought the skin care that was available to me as a therapist was amazing! We performed so many facials that kept clients skin hydrated, clean and plump. But, that was about it in terms of skin improvement.

In the last 20 years, I’ve seen the skin care industry evolve and change in so many ways. Products like the one in the 1990’s still exist, BUT with the advancement in technology and research we now have skin care that can CHANGE skins!

Our clients lifestyle, skin and demands have changed dramatically over the years. We now have a greater NEED for results based skin care… Here’s a few reasons why:

STRESS: Oh my, don’t we lead full lives now!! The addition of The Internet, Smartphones and social media, things that are meant to make our lives easier has left most of us feeling more stressed. The constant pressure to be “on point” in every area of life, love and work is creating an unnecessary urgency and stress for a lot of already busy people.

Stress not only affects the brain and heart, it can show up in your skin as wrinkles, breakouts, inflammation and dark eyes.

PROCESSED FOODS & SUGAR: In 2012 a report revealed that Australians are consuming 192 teaspoons of sugar per week. Compared to an average of 17 teaspoons per week in the mid 1930’s, this is a huge increase! Sugar consumption causes your insulin levels to spike, creating a burst of inflammation in your body.

This inflammation produces enzymes that actively break down collagen and elastin in your body- and more importantly in your skin- leading to accelerated ageing and wrinkles.

PRESCRIPTION & LIFESTYLE DRUGS: Nearly every prescription drug has a side effect on your skin. For example: Antibiotics and nicotine impair the skins wound healing ability. Sedatives and anti-depressants will make your skin more sensitive to light. Lifestyle drugs have a huge impact on your skins health and vitality, leaving your skin looking older than it is or creating lumps, bumps and sore breakouts.

Our lives have changed, and luckily professional skin care has been keeping up! Treatments and home care can now reduce pigmentation, correct acne, reverse ageing and treat so many imbalances; I get so excited at the endless opportunities to help people with their skin problems and complaints!

These are some of the reasons why your skin therapist at Boheme will tailor your treatment and home care prescription for you, every time you visit us. Your skin changes and evolves around you and your lifestyle, we are here to help! 

Call your favourite Boheme to make an appointment to see one of our passionate skin therapists today. Boheme City (ph 07 4724 5900) and Boheme Kirwan (ph 07 4773 4402)

Kim x

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5 great reasons to have a facial

As a skin care professional, it’s my duty to educate people why it’s so important to have a professional facial treatment. Most people don’t understand the benefits of a great facial and will usually wait until a problem arises like pigmentation, breakouts or ageing concerns before they contact a skin therapist.

FullSizeRender (2)

Ahh the relaxation!!! 🙂

Here are just five benefits of a professional skin treatment, keeping in mind that Boheme facials are 100% tailored to suit the individual. No two treatments are the same for our clients, we work hard to deliver great results!

Benefit 1. Professional Skin Analysis: having a regular catch up with your skin therapist will ensure that you are using the best products suited to your skin, saving you money and potential skin problems in the long run. Working together towards a long term goal, whether it be maintenance or solving skin problems, will keep your skin happy and healthy.

Benefit 2. Circulation: Your skin is the largest organ of you body! A treatment with a skilled therapist will increase the circulation, lymphatic flow and aid detoxification. This in turn helps to decrease waste accumulation in the skin, helping to remove puffiness and ruddiness as well as increasing general skin health and facilitate the renewal of skin cells.

Benefit 3. A Deep(er) cleanse: Boheme skin therapists are armed with a multitude of ingredients and equipment that will cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin deeper than you can do at home. Oils, enzymes, acids, steam and microdermabrasion are some of the tools we use to tailor the perfect cleanse for your skin.

Benefit 4. Relaxation: Facials allow you to relax. Turn off your mobile phone and let someone look after you for a while! The deep sense of relaxation and stress relief is amazing while you enjoy a massage with skilled and caring hands.

Benefit 5. Slow the ageing process: A professional skin therapist will give your skin a real work out!! We use active ingredients, exfoliation, hands on skill and technology. The end result will be clearer and smoother skin, more luminosity, relaxed fine lines and wrinkles and a more energised skin. All of these things contribute to slowing down ageing and maintaining the health and wellbeing of your skin!

We look forward to seeing you at Boheme City (Ph: 07 47245900) or Boheme Kirwan (ph: 07 47734402) soon!

Kim x

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We are experts at Mothers Day Pampering!

Can you believe that this year Boheme has been open for 14 years?

It’s gone so fast and has been such a pleasure to spoil and look after so many clients, especially the Mums each year that have been given vouchers by their children, grandchildren and partners.

Launched this week are our treatment packages, hand picked by myself and the team to deliver an amazing experience for our guest! All vouchers are available to purchase online to be delivered straight to you or the recipient!

We look forward to seeing you soon at Boheme City or Boheme Kirwan.

Kim x

Mothers Day Poster 2016 BOHEME_2.png

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I’ll never be this young again.

FullSizeRender 6

Impromptu #nomakeup selfie at the salon! Thank you sun glare for concealing my forehead wrinklettes!

I’m THIRTY SEVEN this year. 37.  It’s clear I’m having trouble getting my head around the actual number.

The last 18 months has been a mix bag of fun and new experiences. The stress of a very adventurous pregnancy and the early arrival of my son was taking it’s toll on my skin- I mean, you can’t have BOTOX when you’re pregnant or breast feeding *gasp*! The comments were flooding in about how tired I looked… Thanks for the confidence boost…

To replace the lack of this little shot of poison, I’ve massively ramped up my topical skin care; and LOVING the results!! Actually looking in the mirror and thinking to myself- you’re doing alright!

Here’s a breakdown of my current routine (it changes monthly, depending on little issues my skin may have)


Shower cleanse with a Cosmedix Benefit Clean; Spritz with Benefit Balance; then Environs AVST moisturiser, level 4. Layer over the top with SPF. *occasionally, when I’m not rushing, there’s Environs peptide eye gel thrown in there too.


Shower cleanse with Environs Pre-Cleanse Oil; Cleanse again with Cosmedix Benefit Clean; Spritz with Benefit Balance; HERE COME THE BIG GUNS: Opticrystal Eye gel for DEEP hydration, followed by *Serum 16 and layering with Environs AVST4.

Once a week I do a quick Weekend Cleanse and every third night I use an anti-ageing exfoliant mixed into Serum 16.

*Serum 16 is the strongest vitamin A serum you can find without a prescription. It’s managed to keep my pigmentation at bay and smooth out lines and wrinklettes. Adding this product is what has helped me get on track, fast!

!!!Of course, no two skins are the same!!! Skin therapists at Boheme Townsville and Boheme Kirwan are trained to read skins properly. They will consider lifestyle, skin health, previous treatments and products used to tailor your skin care for maximum results.

My point is: It’s worth spending the time having a proper skin consultation (call us for an appointment!) and get on track with the active ingredients that work FOR YOU. We don’t recommend products in a cookie cutter way. Each individual skin requires a different combo of products for AMAZING results.

Looking forward to seeing you at Boheme soon!

Kim x

A Weekend Cleanser??

This is an attempted Saturday night #nofilter ‘selfie’ of me during my Weekend Cleanse, looking oily and gritty! Turns out Master 9mths couldn’t resist the opportunity to join in and flash you all his toothy smile!

People are always asking me what I use on my skin- so I thought I’d do a series of short blog posts featuring my favourite products and why I love them so much.


Post bath-time selfie with Mum is a totally reasonable request. Never mind the oily, gritty shine all over my face!

Why would I have a different cleanser for the weekend?? Things can be hectic for me through the week, and I slather on loads of sunscreen daily if I’m not wearing makeup at work- sometimes I feel like my skin needs a bit more than the usual double cleanse in the shower.. This special combination of an oil cleanser and a dry scrub with a hint of salicylic acid works into my skin and gives a deeper clean once a week.

In one multitasking quick cleanse my skin feels clearer, smoother, the oil flows better around my T-Zone and my intensive serums absorb nicely for overnight anti-ageing and repair.

Now, I don’t recommend using a gritty scrub vigorously or too often- you’ll end up with a multitude of problems like sensitivity, overproduction of oil flow and irritation. This cleansing combo is used gently- allowing the oils and acids to work their magic without irritation.

Both products are available at Boheme Townsville City and Boheme Kirwan Just ask your favourite therapist for the Weekend Cleanser Combo! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Kim x

Boheme Townsville City Ph: 47245900 || Boheme Kirwan Ph: 47734402