I’ll never be this young again.

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Impromptu #nomakeup selfie at the salon! Thank you sun glare for concealing my forehead wrinklettes!

I’m THIRTY SEVEN this year. 37.  It’s clear I’m having trouble getting my head around the actual number.

The last 18 months has been a mix bag of fun and new experiences. The stress of a very adventurous pregnancy and the early arrival of my son was taking it’s toll on my skin- I mean, you can’t have BOTOX when you’re pregnant or breast feeding *gasp*! The comments were flooding in about how tired I looked… Thanks for the confidence boost…

To replace the lack of this little shot of poison, I’ve massively ramped up my topical skin care; and LOVING the results!! Actually looking in the mirror and thinking to myself- you’re doing alright!

Here’s a breakdown of my current routine (it changes monthly, depending on little issues my skin may have)


Shower cleanse with a Cosmedix Benefit Clean; Spritz with Benefit Balance; then Environs AVST moisturiser, level 4. Layer over the top with SPF. *occasionally, when I’m not rushing, there’s Environs peptide eye gel thrown in there too.


Shower cleanse with Environs Pre-Cleanse Oil; Cleanse again with Cosmedix Benefit Clean; Spritz with Benefit Balance; HERE COME THE BIG GUNS: Opticrystal Eye gel for DEEP hydration, followed by *Serum 16 and layering with Environs AVST4.

Once a week I do a quick Weekend Cleanse and every third night I use an anti-ageing exfoliant mixed into Serum 16.

*Serum 16 is the strongest vitamin A serum you can find without a prescription. It’s managed to keep my pigmentation at bay and smooth out lines and wrinklettes. Adding this product is what has helped me get on track, fast!

!!!Of course, no two skins are the same!!! Skin therapists at Boheme Townsville and Boheme Kirwan are trained to read skins properly. They will consider lifestyle, skin health, previous treatments and products used to tailor your skin care for maximum results.

My point is: It’s worth spending the time having a proper skin consultation (call us for an appointment!) and get on track with the active ingredients that work FOR YOU. We don’t recommend products in a cookie cutter way. Each individual skin requires a different combo of products for AMAZING results.

Looking forward to seeing you at Boheme soon!

Kim x


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