A Weekend Cleanser??

This is an attempted Saturday night #nofilter ‘selfie’ of me during my Weekend Cleanse, looking oily and gritty! Turns out Master 9mths couldn’t resist the opportunity to join in and flash you all his toothy smile!

People are always asking me what I use on my skin- so I thought I’d do a series of short blog posts featuring my favourite products and why I love them so much.


Post bath-time selfie with Mum is a totally reasonable request. Never mind the oily, gritty shine all over my face!

Why would I have a different cleanser for the weekend?? Things can be hectic for me through the week, and I slather on loads of sunscreen daily if I’m not wearing makeup at work- sometimes I feel like my skin needs a bit more than the usual double cleanse in the shower.. This special combination of an oil cleanser and a dry scrub with a hint of salicylic acid works into my skin and gives a deeper clean once a week.

In one multitasking quick cleanse my skin feels clearer, smoother, the oil flows better around my T-Zone and my intensive serums absorb nicely for overnight anti-ageing and repair.

Now, I don’t recommend using a gritty scrub vigorously or too often- you’ll end up with a multitude of problems like sensitivity, overproduction of oil flow and irritation. This cleansing combo is used gently- allowing the oils and acids to work their magic without irritation.

Both products are available at Boheme Townsville City and Boheme Kirwan Just ask your favourite therapist for the Weekend Cleanser Combo! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Kim x

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