This is GYM for your SKIN!

I’d love to introduce you to one of my all time favourite treatments that we have in the City Salon, the Skin Remodeling System. The reason why I love this technology so much is that it targets the muscles and deeper tissues in your face to provide a deep lifting and rejuvenating treatment.

Your friends will be asking what your skin secret is!!!  

During each treatment session, the synchronised delivery of 5 technologies simultaneously:

Stimulates cell renewal and the growth of new, healthy skin.

  • Activates neo-collagen formation to restore volume and elasticity to the skin, while plumping wrinkles.
  • Relaxes dynamic lines to smooth wrinkles found in areas of facial expression around the eyes (crow’s feet), forehead (worry lines) and lips.
  • Tightens the skin to restore youthful smoothness and tautness.
  • Restores muscle tone by redefining the facial contour, lifting the cheeks and tightening the jawline and neck.

The result: tighter, smoother looking skin!

Case studies of clients that have received eight treatments as an intensive course, for maximum results:

8 treatment course before/after2 8 treatment course before/after3 8 treatment course before/after1

Skin Remodeling System treatments: $129 each,  Skin Remodeling System, plus microdermabrasion: $184 each

Available at Boheme City Salon:

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The latest in skin rejuvenation! GET THE FACTS about Clear + Brilliant!

Keep your skin looking its youthful best with quick and easy Clear + Brilliant treatments.

Clear + Brilliant is a revolutionary, gentle laser skin care treatment, clinically proven to fight the effects of ageing skin. The treatments are simple, yet effective. An easy procedure to add to your routine, much like the way you plan for a massage or trip to the hair salon.

We all have a beauty routine we rely on to stay at our best.

When it comes to our skin, we put a lot of trust in products and professionals to help us do all we can to fight the signs of ageing. We all want to hold on to that youthful look and feel as long as we can. Which is exactly why Clear + Brilliant was developed.

What can Clear + Brilliant Do for Me?

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Over the last few weeks and in the coming months, Environs original range will be evolving and merging with their amazing AVST range, and there will be some gorgeous packaging upgrades too!

Here are the details of the OLD vs NEW products so far:

Aquatrol (oil based
AVST Pre-Cleansing OilIngredient changes: refined mineral oil has been replaced with botanical oils. Now has a light fragrance, feels less “oily” on your skin.
Cleansing Cream
AVST Cleansing LotionIngredient changes: more botanical oils, has a light, non offensive fresh fragrance, texture is more emollient, great for sensitive skin. Now comes in a very handy 200ml pump- better value price!
Alpha Toner
AVST Moisturising TonerIngredient changes- total product makeover! Now includes  neutralised lactic acid, vitamin B3, penetrant enhancers and is packed full of botanical antioxidants!

An exciting new arrival!

We are so excited to have received
our new shipment of MTS Dermal Rollers!

What is a dermal roller?? It’s a tool that is comprised of tiny durable stainless steel
micro-needles, on a smooth action roller head.

How does it work? It is rolled over
the surface of your skin painlessly, creating tiny holes in the upper layer of
the epidermis. The tiny holes that are made are many times larger than the
molecules that need to get through into the epidermis, so these active
ingredients and vitamins you use literally fall through into the deeper layers
of the epidermis, allowing better skin rejuvenation and much faster results. Dermal
rollers for home use can be used two to seven times a week.

Things to be aware of: If you are
using a home care product that is not a cosmeceutical or cosmedical product,
you risk the chance of pushing preservatives, nasty chemicals and sensitising
agents into your skin. You MUST follow all instructions from your Boheme
skin therapist to get the most out of your skin care.

Once you start
rolling with amazing skin care, you’ll never look back at your old skin again!!

Product Review: Environ AVST Cleansing Lotion

Environ NEW Cleansing LotionEnviron has started releasing the new products in the AVST (advanced vitamin skin therapy) range, one of them being the new Cleansing Lotion that will replace the Interactive Cleansing Cream.

There are some differences in the formulation, with the addition of botanical oils such as olive and jojoba.

Also, the packaging has changed and is now 200ml instead of 100ml; and the RRP is $66 which works out to be better value than the Cleansing Cream 100ml RRP $35 was. AVST Cleansing Lotion now comes with a very handy pump!! I gobble through cleansers so quickly due to flip tops and tubes so is nice to have a portion control!

I prefer the texture of the new formula, it seems to feel a little more emollient and soothing on my skin.. the only thing I’m not too sure about is the light fragrance. After years of using fragrance-free products this is a bit to get used to- however it is a really light almost floral, non offensive fragrance.

We are looking forward to the rest of the products being launched very soon!

Kim @ Boheme.